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Panviman Group of Resorts

Panviman Group of Resorts is a “Boutique Group of Resorts” with International Hospitality Standard. “Panviman” is a Thai word meaning “Paradise Alike” in English, where “Pan” means “Alike” and “Viman” means “Paradise”. Panviman Group consists of two properties including Chiang Mai and Koh Phangan. Our theme is to provide customers with a unique experience of luxury/harmony, with superior service in every aspect. Our Resort Group won several awards such as Tripadvisor “Certificate of Excellence”, World Luxury Hotel Awards, Holiday Check Quality Selection Award, etc.

Adventure Experiences


Panviman Chiang Mai Resort & Spa is one of the luxurious hideaways 29km from Chiang Mai city. The hotel is majestically designed to fit with Thai-Lanna architecture. The rooms have a tranquil mountain-view overlooking valleys. Panviman Chiang Mai Spa is regarded as the 4th best spa in South-East Asia, and is renowned as the 2nd best Spa in Thailand.

Chiang Mai, Pearl of the North, a city built on the roots of a traditional heritage that digs deep into the soil of time. A city with a beautiful cultural personality blessed with majestic natural beauty and exceptionally hospitable people. Silk, exquisitely crafted silver and wood items, excellent accommodation, restaurants and entertainment that make Chiang Mai one of Thailand's prime tourist attractions. The city also makes an excellent base for exploring northern Thailand's beautiful countryside, visiting local hill tribe villages or taking an adventure tour.

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Exploring the island

Koh Phangan

Dated back to 1987, Panviman Resort Koh Phangan was one of the first resorts to be opened in Koh Phangan; the island itself has a long history of a secluded island with unharmed nature perfect for relaxation. Furthermore, it is also well-known for the monthly “Full-Moon Parties” event.

Koh Phangan is located in the middle of the gulf of Thailand. It is about 70 km. from the mainland and about 15 km. from Koh Samui. Phangan is the largest of Samui’s neighboring islands with an area of 168 sq km. Over 70% is tropical forests, lowlands, coconut fields and secluded beaches. From Thong Sala pier, trails run to Panviman Resort all the way from Bantai Village through the mountains and to Thong Nai Pan Beach, a beautiful unspoiled beach.

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Awards & Recognition